Ask: Basics

The “Basics” download contains everything you need to get started with our 2023 Lenten series, “Ask:”


  • An introduction to the series.
  • Suggestions for making use of longer readings (Lent Year A has several!). This resource includes recommendations for mixing it up with those long readings…including a dramatic paraphrase of the story of the Man Born Blind and a bonus liturgy for Palm/Passion Sunday that puts the liturgy into the reading instead of vice versa.
  • A full index of every question in the readings.
  • “Questions, Translated:” a guide to navigating the questions of Lent Year A.

(Click here for a sample of these.)

A GUIDE FOR ASHES TO GO which provides considerations for starting your own version of this meaningful Ash Wednesday ministry.

PREACHERS’ NOTES: Preaching commentaries for every week, including Ash Wednesday, Palm Sunday, Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, and Holy Saturday, each focused on the questions that drive the readings (and the relationships between the people in those readings). Click here for a sample.

SUNDAY LITURGY Sunday morning liturgy featuring questions of every kind. Click here for a sample. The weekly themes are:

  • Week One: Questions That Divide, Questions That Bind
  • Week Two: Simple Questions
  • Week Three: Questions for the Curious
  • Week Four: Questions That Change, Questions That Change You
  • Week Five: Questions That Kick

A SERIES BRANDING KIT including links to Canva templates.

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