“My Heart Shall Sing” series

Advent Year C
(…and optionally the end of Year B)

The world is always ending somewhere.

It’s always beginning somewhere, too…perhaps right in the same place.

This is a truth that thumps like a heartbeat beneath the rhythms of the Advent season. In early November, our lectionary readings begin to speak openly of a world that ends. The lectionary year itself dies a few weeks later, only to begin again on the same topic: endings, and the new beginnings that they create. 

When God’s nature, God’s truth, God’s will are unveiled, these are the kinds of things that end: power structures that oppress the marginalized; social sins that have gone unchallenged for too long; our untroubled, everyday existences. And because God has drawn near, and Divinity is unveiled, our distance from God ends too.

What do we do in the face of such revelation, the kind that ends old worlds and begins new ones all around us, every day, wherever God’s reign breaks into our lives?

 Scripture offers one particular answer again and again:

We shall sing.

In this series, we look to global Christian songs and hymns to explore the revelations of our lectionary texts. This music harmonizes our ancient texts and our contemporary stories. Each hymn or song offers an Advent proclamation for how we might prepare the way of the Lord. 

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