“My Heart Shall Sing” series

Advent Year C
(…and optionally the end of Year B)

The world is always ending somewhere.

It’s always beginning somewhere, too…perhaps right in the same place.

This is a truth that thumps like a heartbeat beneath the rhythms of the Advent season. In early November, our lectionary readings begin to speak openly of a world that ends. The lectionary year itself dies a few weeks later, only to begin again on the same topic: endings, and the new beginnings that they create. 

When God’s nature, God’s truth, God’s will are unveiled, these are the kinds of things that end: power structures that oppress the marginalized; social sins that have gone unchallenged for too long; our untroubled, everyday existences. And because God has drawn near, and Divinity is unveiled, our distance from God ends too.

What do we do in the face of such revelation, the kind that ends old worlds and begins new ones all around us, every day, wherever God’s reign breaks into our lives?

 Scripture offers one particular answer again and again:

We shall sing.

In this series, we look to global Christian songs and hymns to explore the revelations of our lectionary texts. This music harmonizes our ancient texts and our contemporary stories. Each hymn or song offers an Advent proclamation for how we might prepare the way of the Lord. 

Click to read our entire introduction to “My Heart Shall Sing.”

You’ll notice that this series provides seven weeks of materials. Click to read about the practice of an extended Advent.

And finally: use the links below to check out our material. Once you decide what to use and are ready to start cutting, pasting, and adapting, subscribe to our newsletter to receive a link to a free, downloadable Word doc where all of “My Heart Shall Sing” has been compiled, ready and waiting for you. (If you’re already a subscriber, then you already received a link! Don’t worry, we’ll keep including it in all our Advent mailings.)

Would you like to have a quick skim before subscribing or clicking the links below? You can download a sample of our Advent series, containing introductory posts and liturgical materials for the first Sunday of the series.

Advent Blog

A series of articles about the season, including tips for observing an extended Advent.

Preachers’ Notes

A set of commentaries from the Geese highlighting the themes of “My Heart Shall Sing” in the lectionary texts.

Hymn Commentary

Bulletin blurbs and background learning about the hymns and songs that draw this season into focus.

Advent Wreath-Lighting

A rite for Advent that marks the balance between God’s good work and our call to serve the world.

Prayers of the Day

Prayers of the Day that evoke the featured hymn for each Sunday as they invoke God’s presence.

Eucharistic Prayers

Two Eucharistic Prayers for this Advent season.

Using our materials?

Yay! Here’s what you need to know:

All of Barn Geese’s stuff for “My Heart Shall Sing” is covered under a Creative Commons license. You can use it and adapt it (for free!), but only for nonprofit purposes and with attribution. Attribution should include the title of the element, our authorship, and the name of the license, and should link back to original sources when possible. Your wording might look something like this:

“My Heart Shall Sing” Advent Candle-Lighting by Barn Geese Worship is licensed under CC BY-NC 4.0. [Notes about any modifications or adaptations you made].

Please support our work

In this first year of operation, we’ve made our materials free to use, and we’re committed to keeping our stuff affordable as we move forward, no matter your congregation’s size or worship budget.

That said, “My Heart Shall Sing” is the most comprehensive series we’ve designed so far, and your financial support will go a long way toward making sure we can continue to prepare series of this caliber in the future. Please go to www.barngeeseworship.com/contribute to make a gift in support of our ministry.

Thank you!

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