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Feeling absolutely plucked when it comes to sermon prep? Join the Lutheran pastors of Barn Geese Worship as we stick our heads into biblical waters, on the hunt for tasty homiletic morsels.

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Episode #1: Ash Wednesday – February 17th, 2021

Tune in as Pastors Victoria and Emily talk about ideas for imposition of ashes in a time of pandemic, directions for preaching, and ideas for children’s sermons! We’re following a Lenten thread around the promises/covenants we hear in scripture. 

Episode #2: First Sunday of Lent – February 21st, 2021

Is the Holy Spirit a pigeon? Does God make mistakes? Does the story of Noah’s Ark traumatize small children, or just make them grow up to become pastors who make podcasts? Pastors Victoria and Emily discuss these important topics, along with ideas for preaching the texts from the first Sunday of Lent to adults and children.

Episode #3: Second Sunday of Lent – February 28, 2021

Join Pastors Em and Victoria as they dive into the saga of Abram and Sarai, pulling out some preachin’ nuggets for adults and children from the texts for the second Sunday of Lent.

Episode #4: Third Sunday of Lent – March 7, 2021

The Israelites have just been released from slavery, and one of the very first things that God longs to teach them is that freedom doesn’t mean getting to do whatever you want! Join Pastors Emily and Victoria as they talk about the preaching possibilities for the third Sunday of Lent, for both adults and children.

Episode #5: Fourth Sunday of Lent – March 14, 2021

“Open yer eyeballs and look at this snake-pole!” Join Pastors Victoria and Emily as they generate this and other such profound homiletic insights on the odd story from Numbers 21 for preaching on the fourth Sunday of Lent. Be forewarned: Victoria is about to geek out hardcore about Guinea Worm Disease and its possible presence in this text!

Episode #6: Fifth Sunday of Lent – March 21, 2021

As we arrive at the end of the Lenten season, the lectionary wraps us up in one of the most beautiful promises of the Hebrew Scriptures–that happens to be spoken by a prophet with an unusual fixation on underpants. Join Pastors Victoria and Emily as they discuss preaching ideas for children and adults for this fifth Sunday of Lent!

Episode #7: Palm/Passion Sunday – March 28, 2021

Palm/Passion Sunday! Because one would be too little, and two is always too much. Pastor Em and Victoria talk about some preaching possibilities for this Sunday, about how to approach this liturgical mash-up, and about how to include children in this worship service and throughout Holy Week.