You Are Here: Stations of the Cross

Traditional Stations of the Cross focus on particular narrative turning points, which become the locations for each station: the place where Jesus dropped the cross, a place where Jesus received aid. Our You are Here Stations of the Cross are different because they focus on actual physical locations or spaces identified in John’s gospel. Each Station represents one physical location named in the Passion narrative of the Gospel of John.


But mapping the Stations to the physical locations in the Gospel narrative reveals a quirk of John’s Gospel: the narrative focuses not only on Jesus but also at various moments on Peter, Pilate, and those who treat Jesus’s body after he has died on the cross. These Stations of the Cross divide into four “acts,” each of which focuses on one particular person or viewpoint within the Passion story. 


This download contains two files: .pdf .docx versions of You Are Here: Stations of the Cross. This document contains an introduction to orient you to our reimagined stations and walk you through considerations for your unique context, as well as a Leader’s Guide and a User’s Guide. 57 pages.


Published by Barn Geese

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