You Are Here: Midweek Worship

This resource is intended to offer a liturgical framework and content material for your Lenten midweek worship. You can use the suggested liturgical framework or to incorporate the core content for each week into your congregation’s favorite service of evening prayer.


The themes of this midweek service complement each preceding Sunday of our Lenten series, “You Are Here.”  The reflections offer contemporary context and questions to illuminate themes from the Bible reading. You can read the reflections during your worship or use them as starting points to do your own research.


Your file download includes 7 files: .pdf and .docx versions of You are Here: Midweek Worship, and 5 images you can use as bulletin covers, or can project, to invite visual contemplation on the week’s theme. 20 pages.



Weekly themes:

Week 1: “The Promised Land.” Refugee Resettlement. 

Week 2: “Under the Stars.” Dark Night Skies.

Week 3: “Sanctuary.” New Sanctuary Movement.

Week 4: “At the Table.” Neighbors Eating Together.

Week 5: “Before the Funeral.” Ministry to Death Row Inmates.


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