The Gospel According to Bread

Every three years, the Revised Common Lectionary gives us John 6 for five straight weeks, and preachers everywhere suspect things might get a little…stale. “The Gospel According to Bread” is a preaching and worship series meant to help you find something to chew on. This series includes preaching commentaries, liturgical materials, a couple of helpful articles, an eating meditation. (RCL Late Summer Year B)


This download contains two files: a PDF and .docx version of “The Gospel According to Bread.” This document features:


  • Introductory articles about the series, including “Pastoral Considerations for John 6,”
  • Liturgical materials like prayers of the day, a eucharistic prayer, and a confession and forgiveness,
  • An eating meditation, and
  • Preaching commentaries for the five weeks of John 6 readings.


28 pages.

Published by Barn Geese

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