“Out of Time” hymn

“Out of Time” was written to accompany worship throughout the Advent season. It explores the contrast between humans’ and God’s experience of time and prays for God’s empowering presence. Flowing eighth notes evoke the constant movement of time. The soaring refrain echoes the hoped-for divine transformation as singers pray for God to rend the heavens. The hymn is intended for use as the worshiping community lights the candles on its Advent wreath, but it may be used at any point in worship during the season, including during our Liturgy for the Longest Night.

Please note: This hymn is already included in the Out of Time Basics and Bundle.

This download includes:

  • A full score engraving of the hymn (PDF)
  • A melody-only engraving (PDF and TIF)
  • A recording of the hymn for teaching/learning
  • A copy of our hymn licensing agreement (basically: you have permission to copy and disseminate this hymn for your community as needed)

You can listen to this hymn before buying!

Published by Barn Geese

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