Out of Time: Bundle

The Bundle contains everything we’re offering for the Advent 2023 worship series Out of Time at a lower cost than purchasing every resource separately. (Sample)  

Preachers’ Notes: These preaching commentaries explore connections between each week’s lectionary texts and the Out of Time theme.

  • November 12:   Uncertain Time
  • November 19:    Time Is Relative
  • November 26:    In Our Time
  • December 3:    Running Out of Time
  • December 10:    Time Flies
  • December 17:    Dreamlike Time
  • December 24:    Out of Time
  • Christmas Eve:  No Time
  • Christmas Day:  The End Time Is the Beginning

Children’s Message Starters: Kid-friendly connections to the week’s theme help to jump-start your brainstorm for a children’s sermon, including a visual aid.

Sunday Liturgy: Fresh texts for Advent worship include Call to Worship, Prayer of Confession, Advent Wreath-Lighting, Prayers of Intercession, Prayer of Dedication for the Offering, Eucharistic Prayer, and Charges. Also includes a new hymn written for this worship series, entitled “Out of Time.”

Advent Devotions: This take-home resource could be used to accompany the lighting of the household Advent wreath. Arranged around a weekly text, it guides users into noticing how God appears in their experience of time.  

Liturgy for the Longest Night: This individual service uses the Northern Hemisphere’s lengthening darkness to hold space for those who struggle around the holidays. This type of service is sometimes called Blue Christmas or Darkest Night.  

An Advent & Christmas Pageant: An intergenerational pageant underlines the different ways that characters from the Nativity—from the Wise Ones to the donkey that traveled with Mary—experienced the moment when God-made-flesh entered into human time as a baby in Bethlehem.  

Branding kit: All the information you need to adapt our series branding for your community’s communications, including links to Canva templates.

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