“Ask” Market Stall

Welcome to the Ask Market Stall, where you’ll find our Lent 2023 materials available at three price points:

Regular: Accessibility and affordability is really important to us, and our regular prices reflect that.

Paying-out-of-pocket: We know that not every church has supplemental worship materials in the budget–and someday, we want to live in the world where they do. For church workers paying for our materials out-of-pocket, use the lower price point to get our stuff, and considering leveraging it to convince your folks that this stuff is worth budgeting for.

Free: You can download our guide to “Ashes to Go” for zero dollars. (This resource is also automatically part of the Basics and Bundle downloads.)

You’ll need an account to purchase a download. The upshot? Our site will remember you and your downloads, and when you log in, you can find a purchase log where you can re-download your purchase if you ever lose it. To create an account, put your desired download in the cart, hit “checkout,” and follow the prompts on the page to choose your username and password.

Ask: Bundle

Ask: Basics

Ask: Midweek Worship

Ask: Daily Devotional Guide

Ashes to Go

About the price change: Those of you who have purchased from us before may note that the prices are a little different for this series: the price for the Basics has gone up, and the price for the Bundle has gone down. That’s because the Basics for this series are heftier than in the past–the “Introduction and Guides” includes what amounts to a bonus liturgy for Palm/Passion Sunday, not to mention a radio drama for Lent 5! On the other hand, the Bundle only includes two auxiliary resources (Midweek Worship and the Daily Devotional Guide) rather than the usual three. We adjusted our pricing to reflect that shift for this season, asking a little more for the Basics while still making sure you save money if you purchase the Bundle.

The Chicken Feed Fund

We believe that congregations should have access to imaginative, theologically sound, and inclusive worship materials–and also know that for some congregations and leaders, they’re just not in the budget. We continue to work with those folks by finding price points they can swing, often at a steep discount. If throwing a few extra dollars our way is chicken feed to you, then use this link to contribute to the chicken feed bin, so we can pass that gift on to others for whom it means a whole awful lot.

If you serve a congregation who can benefit from this fund, please reach out to us at contact@barngeeseworship.com.

Please note: We’re not a nonprofit, so these contributions are not tax-deductible.

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