Lent Year B

Promise us.

a theme for Lent Year B
about God’s promises
that form us
steady us
save us

Promise Us.

Have you ever been changed by a promise?
Sure you have. We all have.

Maybe it was a girl whose pinky-sworn friendship strengthened you to slay the dragons of childhood. Maybe it was a partner whose promise of faithfulness gave you the courage to build a chosen family.  Maybe it was a community whose tender vow to embrace you gave you the vulnerability to grow.

And definitely it was the God who searched your heart and knew it completely, all of its little joys and great sorrows and haunting mistakes and glorious triumphs, and then said in a voice that cracks mountains and causes rivers to flow:


Throughout these forty days, “Promise Us” traces the promises God makes in the Hebrew Bible to folks like Noah, Abram & Sarai, and to us, and how those promises shape us…and the God who makes them.

Preachers’ Notes

Commentaries on the preaching texts reflecting on each Lenten promise, from Ash Wednesday to Palm Sunday.

Liturgical Resources

Prayers of the Day, Confession and Forgiveness, Children’s Sermon visuals, and Ash Wednesday at-home liturgy ideas!

Lent Devotional

A forty-day devotional inspired by the ancient and beautiful St. Patrick’s Breastplate Prayer.

Preacher’s Podcast

A podcast for preachers! Em and Victoria chat about sermon seeds for preaching the season to adults and kids.

Group Devotions

Five devotions, one for each week of Lent, perfect for family conversations and committee meetings.

Lent Kits

Ideas and inspiration for designing a faith formation kit to help keep Lent holy at home.

Say it aloud: “Promise us.”

“Promise us,” the same way a blackjack player says, “Hit me.”
“Promise us!” the same way a kid playing tag yells, “Come and get me!”

The joyful longing truth of it all is that God IS coming to get us.
Every time we draw away, break our word, fall short, God draws closer, creates new covenants, seeks, yearns, knocks, and finally, enters into flesh. And that unconditional love is the only thing that can truly turn us around.

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