You Are Here: Palm Sunday

When we wrote our “You Are Here” series, we didn’t include Palm Sunday, knowing that liturgical practices on this day vary widely across congregations. But in response to some of your inquiries, we created a couple of pieces to be used on Palm Sunday that continue the themes of “You Are Here”!

A Blessing of the Palms links our present place and that procession long ago. 

A Prayer at the Threshold of Palm Sunday helps you step over the threshold from the joy of Palm Sunday into the pain of the Passion.

This resource is included as part of the “You Are Here” Basics and Bundle. If you purchased the “You Are Here” Basics or Bundle for Lent 2022, you should have received an email in mid-March containing this resource. Email us at if you should have received it, and didn’t!

Published by Barn Geese

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