“Promise Us” Lenten Series

Throughout these forty day, “Promise Us” traces the promises God makes in the Hebrew Bible to folks like Noah, Abram and Sarai, the promises God makes to us, and how those promises shape who we are, and who God is. This isn’t just a preaching series, though you’ll find a preaching commentary here. It isn’t just a resource for liturgical elements on this theme, though you’ll find those too. This series is an invitation for your entire church community to center itself on God’s promises throughout the forty days of Lent, through everything from a personal Lent devotional to devotions for committee meetings to children’s sermons to ideas for adult ed classes. This series invites your entire community to immerse itself in the culture of covenant for the forty days of Lent. (RCL Lent Year B.)


This download contains two files:

  • “Promise Us Basics” contains: Preachers’ Notes (Ash Wednesday through Palm Sunday), liturgical materials (Prayers of the Day, Confession and Forgiveness, a Call to Worship for Easter Sunday), an article on Children’s Sermons, and an article on Lent Kits. 31 pages.
  • “Promise Us Group Devotions” contains: devotions centered on the lectionary texts for the five weeks of Lent that can be used for study groups or meetings. Each one features an opening prayer, icebreaker questions, biblical reflection with discussion questions, and a closing prayer. 5 pages.


Published by Barn Geese

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