Out of the Blue: Weekly Devotional Resource

This resource includes entries for each of the seven weeks of an extended Advent season, plus one for Christmas. Whether you are a single adult, a single parent, a multigenerational family under one roof, or a community of friends, we hope that you can find something here to enrich your experience of the Advent season.

Throughout Advent, this resource invites you to create a Jesse tree from everyday items, or found objects, that you imbue with meaning. You’ll assemble the tree over the course of the season, adding to it each week, as you follow the devotional resource.

Weekly entries include:

  • A scripture reading
  • A prompt for reflection
  • A brief prayer
  • A prompt for an object to add to your Jesse Tree.

 This download contains two files, pdf and .docx versions of You are Here: Daily Devotions. 22 pages.

Published by Barn Geese

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