God of the Starlight and Moon

Originally published as part of “Out of the Blue: the Basics,” we’re pleased to offer this original Advent hymn as a stand-alone resource.

“God of the Starlight and Moon” by Linnéa Clark follows a melodic contour sweeping from high to low to high and includes a few harmonic surprises. Gentle dissonances lead singers deeper into the mysteries of Advent. The text approaches the Advent season with wonder and praise, embracing the beauty of Advent darkness even as bright candles are lit. “God of the Starlight and Moon” describes a God who beguiles us and invites us to follow, even as God surprises us with new directions.

You can listen to this hymn before buying.

As an additional resource, this download package also includes the alternative text for “Branches of Evergreen Pine,” written by Victoria Larson to the same tune. This text ponders the lighting of the Advent wreath as a visual mediation on God’s advent, contemplating shadow and flickering light, rising fragrance, and slow-melting wax.

This download includes:

Engraving of “God of the Starlight and Moon” (melody only)
Engraving of “God and the Starlight and Moon” (full accompaniment)
Engraving of “Branches of Evergreen Pine” (melody only)
Engraving of “Branches of Evergreen Pine” (full accompaniment)
An audio recording of a demo
Licensing and Use document

All engravings are in PDF.

Published by Barn Geese

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