During our first year, we’re committed to offering our stuff for FREE–both so we can figure out what the heck we’re doing and so that YOU can too, without committing your church’s resources to an unknown product.

In the future, we dream of a tiered subscription service that will keep our materials affordable and accessible, no matter what kind of context you serve.

But in the meanwhile, contributions sure do help!

  • They give us an indication of what kind of resources are most useful to you.
  • They help offset the cost of our yearly working retreats that kick off so many of our ideas.
  • They encourage us in the hare-brained notion that sharing our work with the public is valued and we should keep doing it!

So if you feel like kicking a little loose change our way, we THANK YOU! We want to be around for you in the future, and your contribution is a sign that you do too.

Click here to donate through PayPal.

(Just FYI–it routes you to Victoria’s PayPal account, rather than a business-y one. We’re working on getting more official, we promise.)

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